Above all, as a chef, it is vital to know that I can depend on the bird’s being consistent in quality with every delivery. … as good as anything I tasted in France and the best I have tasted here.

Chef Bertrand Chemel
Café Boulud, New York City



Welcome to Cavendish Game Birds

Supplying Great Chefs & Home Cooks Across America
with Vermont Quail and Traditional Ring-Necked Pheasant Since 1988

Dedicated to sustainable agriculture, Cavendish Game Birds produces the finest farm-raised jumbo quail and traditional ring-necked pheasant available on the market today—meeting the demands of top chefs and adventurous home cooks nationwide.

Owned by brothers Rick and Bill Thompson, Cavendish Game Birds, located in Springfield, Vermont, is the largest producer of jumbo Coturnix quail in New England.

Raised with small farm pride, these restaurant-quality birds are carefully hand-processed in their Vermont-inspected onsite processing plant.

Available retail and wholesale, as well as through local distributors, fresh game birds and quail eggs are shipped daily to home kitchens and restaurants through out the United States.

Owners Rick and Bill Thompson

This site is easy to navigate, and contains some nice recipes for preparing our delicious quail and pheasant, as well as a video and other useful information.

To learn more about our Vermont farm and it's operation, use the ABOUT CGB link.  Click on OUR QUAIL to learn about these delicious birds, and OUR PHEASANT for a larger taste treat.

Our CHEF'S PAGE will tell you what some of the finer chefs in America think of our game birds, and our HOME COOKING/RECIPES page is a must stop for home chefs.

Watch a chef at work in OUR VIDEOS, then VISIT OUR STORE to obtain your own fresh game birds and quail eggs for a delightful repast at home.

Feel free to CONTACT us at any time, and of course we respect your privacy as noted in our PRIVACY POLICY.



Thanks for Visiting, and enjoy your stay on our site!

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